My girlfriend jokingly says I’m lucky I don’t have more cuts to my face from her smacking me upside the head for being so stupid. Today I was downtown outside 7-11 on 3rd AVE between Pine and Pike. I was there walking around after two hours of viewing records at Seattle Police waiting for girlfriend to wake up so she could let me in the house. I knew a fight was able to break out. There had been a stabbing there about a month earlier that I saw the build up to and have felt bad I didn’t call the police while it was building up. So this time I called them immediately. Well a fight did break out soon after starting the call. For a moment they stopped and then all the sudden one of them pulled out a stun gun and attacked the other person and left the area. In a case of very bad decision making I followed him trying desperately to get the police to him. I wanted to be the hero so much that I disobeyed dispatcher orders to stop following him. Well he turned on me chasing me into Westlake Mall. I yelled repeatedly as loud as I could to bystanders I needed help. I got trapped in between the doors at Westlake and was hit in the face hard enough to need stitches. I don’t remember how many times I was hit. I was afraid I was going to get stun gunned. I do remember kicking him once. He left and the police showed up immediately. He got away and the person the police thought was him wasn’t.

I’m lucky to be alive as I could have potiently been stabbed or shot. A Seattle man did die over following someone. It was pointless to follow him as I got hurt and the police didn’t find him anyways.

I want to thank the officer who took the time to drive me to Harborview. I don’t have insurance and make too much money for Apple Health so I asked police to take me instead of AMR, private ambulance. Just another stupid mistake I need to fix. I did learn that because I was a victim my medical bills should be paid for by a special fund.

You can listen to my 911 call at because I record my 911 calls using call recording software. Yay one less records request to file. My screaming towards the end is not fun to listen to. I bet the dispatcher was like “idiot caller not doing as told”.

I did listen to the dispatch radio audio via The audio is pretty bad because I moved to a basement and am waiting on a friend to move it to a different computer somewhere else. It seemed like to me there was a lot confusion. One officer once mentioned how great it would be if they could directly listen to the audio in real-time. He said the common two minute delays between caller and when it gets broadcast can slow down the response because they don’t have much time to find someone. When I worked at Seattle Police a 911 IT specialist showed me how he listened from his office audio I heard sitting next to a call taker.

The firefighters and staff at Harborview could not have been any nicer. I was very pleased that they were able to make my skin numb so I didn’t feel anything when I was being put back together. My girlfriend says it’s too bad they didn’t fix the part of the brain that made me follow this guy in the first place.