Video on left by me and one on right by Mike O’Dell.

I think it’s important to inform the public about expertly handled police interactions so that it can point to them when similar situations aren’t handled well and to praise the officers for a job well done. The following account is an example of an expertly handled arrest. My gut feeling was I was about to witness the man be slammed to the ground. If Seattle Police officers in the future slam a black high man with felony warrant to the ground I promise you that me or someone else at SPR will reference this post.

On 08/03/16 around 11PM Mike O’Dell and I went to 3RD and Lenora after hearing on the scanner that there was a fight. When we got there we couldn’t find any sign of a fight. As we were about to leave we heard over scanner that police were asking for assistance a block away. When I got there I noticed a shirtless black man walking in traffic. Officers stayed calm and radioed for back up as they held the man against a patrol car.

Seattle Police Public Affairs Director Sean Whitcomb said what I saw was standard operating procedure. He said officers are trained in de-escalation and using the least amount of force necessary. The force used in this case was a type 1, see 8.400 - USE OF FORCE REPORTING AND INVESTIGATION. You can listen to the full conversation with Whitcomb via Dropbox

Report from SPD (spaces are automated redactions done by Seattle Police):

GO# 2016-279653

On 08/03/16, at approximately 2311 hours, officers responded to two males physically in front of Ave. One of the males was described as a black male with no shirt and black shorts. Officers arrived shortly thereafter and observed the black male with no shirt, later identified as , following an unknown black male in the area of Ave and Lenora St. The unknown black male, flagged down officers asked for assistance because was following him. Officers subsequently contacted at the intersection of Ave and Lenora St. was very fidgeting moving back and forth and was sweating profusely. I asked if he had been using narcotics to which he did not reply. I then told , who was now standing in the intersection with a green light northbound, to walk over to the patrol vehicle. Upon trying to escort , he immediately pulled his right arm away. A moment later, gritted his teeth and moved his head quickly towards my chest stated something like, "Leave me alone." Officers subsequently grabbed each of 's arms and escorted him to the patrol vehicle. I repeatedly told to calm down and relax and that we did not want to fight him. 's muscles were tense, but complied and did not fight with officers. A name check revealed that had a felony warrant for possession of a firearm out of . . and a SMC misdemeanor warrant for obstruction. Both warrants were verified and was transported to . . Jail via AMR and 3-Mary-3. 's name check further revealed that has a long history of violence towards officers including threatening to kill police officers while armed with a knife. After the incident, officers discovered that the unknown male had left the scene.

Sgt Bourns screened the arrest at the scene.

Opinion: I wish Seattle Police would be more assertive about showing the public what good policing looks like especially in regards to high risk individuals. Thanks to all the bad examples I’ve seen I really thought this man was going to be slammed to the ground. This incident has changed my beliefs about police interactions.

Even though I went through citizen academy I think this incident was really eye opening. I think the department should consider making a web page explaining de-escalation and use of force policies. On this page would be good and bad examples of de-escalation and use of force.