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See this very insightful Reddit discussion. One post in particular calls into question my proposal that can admin can select which videos to prevent the software from deleting. I’m very pleased people more knowledgable than me are chiming in.

News: Seattle Police uses a dash camera system that is always saving video to a hard drive regardless if an officer activiates the system for a call. This is called Fail-safe.

Fail-safe has captured the shooting of Officer Brenton and the shooting of the shooter who killed four Lakewood officers. It also captures stuff that were requested but not released such as the time an officer was following my car without camera activitated. The lack of video helped me in court. It captured

I made a request within minutes of this happening but was denied the video. You can see Seattle Police’s reasoning below.

Mike O’Dell tried to get the video for:

In each case the video was requested immediately.

Here’s what the manafacture says about Fail-safe:

The problem with fail-safe is Seattle Police says there is no reasonable way to retrive Fail-safe video for a public records act request. Below is SPD’s response to a records request I made for fail safe video for a paritcular intersection at a particular time range.

Opinion: I think there’s a reasonable way to preserve fail-safe video while not taking vehicles out of service: Remote into the car computer as admin and change the file permissions to prevent the dashcam software from deleting the video(s) requested. With Coban’s help figure out best way to get it to the server. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a way for admins or Coban to use the Coban software to get a video without taking a car out of service given the discussion in the Coban video at 3:47. I believe the Coban TITAN M7 is what SPD uses. If so the fail safe drive is 256GB. If forward and backwards video is 3GB per hour we’re looking at about 3.5 days that the video would exist.