News: Mike O’Dell photographed two officers at Sunday’s protest without name tags. Seattle Police’s Public Affairs Director said he did not recognize the officers and reminded their chain of command about need to wear name tags. You can listen to audio of my conversation with Whitcomb about this. Note before my phone provider records it auto announces for both inbound and outbound that the call is recorded.

See Seattle Police Department Manual: 9.020 - UNIFORM: 4. All Outward Facing Uniform Items Include Proper Identifying Markings.

OPA complaint: I filed the following complaint: “A friend of mine just sent me the attached photo of officers without name tags. He just took the photo near HQ at a protest. See attached. Please send me complaint number via email. I don’t want to be interviewed. Please do not send me snail mail or call me.” Complaint number is 2016OPA-0784

Will file a records request once the complaint is classified in order to have best chance of IDing the officers.

Opinion: I think at every protest there should be a spreadsheet listing each uniformed officer tied to the event. Chain of command should be required to mark yes/no that each uniformed officer has a name tag. Taped name tag qualifies according to Whitcomb. That list should then be provided to OPA who will open an investigation into any officer without a name tag.