While Tukwila Police maintains that the settings of their dashcamera system aren’t public records they did cough them up. They had denied the request initally. Good because litigation sucks and I just want the records. The State Patrol coughed them up before Tukwila did and without fuss.

What these settings show is that both Tukwila Police and Washington State Patrol could change their fail-safe setting from “Full shift” to “recording only”. This would stop generating videos that I believe they are illegally destroying prior to what the retention schedules allow. One schedule says that all dashcam video taken of an incident where litigation or prosecution is likely must retained until case over and appeals exhausted. Another says all the other video must be retained for 90 days. To ensure that videos of shootings where the officer didn’t have time to press record are preserved they could increase the pre-event buffer from 60 seconds to say 20 minutes. That’s 20 minutes arriving units have to activate the cam. These settings also show that audio could be turned on for pre-buffer. There is a legal question of whether or not frames of video saved not to a hard drive but in memory are required to be retained. If it has to be retained then we’re at where we started where all pre-event video must be retained or the two features turned off. For bodycams there is no such thing as fail-safe so no way to comply with a requirement that pre-buffer frames be retained except the ones attached to event videos.

One setting I don’t understand is under “Fail-safe” is says “Enable safety operation” I’m hoping that would mean that fail-safe video is auto uploaded.

You can view the records at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8cexhw9o9pdrqbk/AAAvGrlRXhO3mS7NiGLcgRraa?dl=0