On 9/23/16 Seattle Police had a command post at 3RD and Union with SWAT, State Patrol, King County Sheriff’s, and FBI. All Seattle Police has said is:

Recorded scanner transmissions indicate someone told police over the phone he had a hostage and was coming to the FBI building to turn himself in. “Caller says he is outside the building at three and Spring [FBI Building] and the second male is a hostage.” 9:41:08PM 9/23/16 3248 SPD W Dispatch West 45825 SPD Dispatcher - West Dispatcher 31 Analog Group 1 R820T-1

Transmissions for this incident started on West Precinct’s main dispatch channel around 9:30PM and then switched to TAC 1 around 9:54PM You can replay transmissions via https://scanner.seattlepublicrecords.org/talkgroup/3440-3D1C,3248-3D1C Unfortantely the software SPR uses right now for recording radio transmissions doesn’t provide download links. We’re in the process of making our own interface to the recordings that would provide easier sharing of transmissions.