Opinion: Behind the scenes is a struggle by a few super requesters to obtain lots of records belonging to the public from Seattle Police. Given that there’s only 17 super requesters according to the below document, Seattle’s strategy is to blame its problems on these requesters. If the public doesn’t start flooding the department with requests it’ll be able to get new restrictions added to the public records act because the legislators will think that the public at large doesn’t care about the records. It should become a game to get as many people to file requests and often. Right now SPD only gets about 20-30 requests each weekday. Lets get it to a 100 every day!

Instructions: Send a public records request to [email protected] with subject Public records request and start the email with “This is a public records request for “ End with “If the charge will be greater than $10 then I request to view the records in the lobby.”

Some ideas for requests: 1. Seattle Police Officers Guild president’s communications regardless of form or location related to his duties as union president which is paid for by the Seattle Police Department. 1. All of the chief’s communications for the previous day regardless of form or location related to her job. 1. All in-car video of arrests for the previous day 1. All in-car video of traffic stops of black men 1. All OPA complaints