Below is copy/pasted from email I received under public disclosure from King County which is in charge of implementing texting to 911 county-wide including for Seattle Police and Fire. As you can see King County intends to use a web app running on a dedicated laptop.

Hey Everyone,

I have drafted the email to go out to the PSAPs but wanted your edits befor= e sending out. My hope it is send tomorrow afternoon so I can give them a w= eek but if I need to I can wait and send on Monday.

So send me your edits and I will compile and send out.

Good Afternoon,

The E-911 Program Office is working through the steps to reaching the end g= oal of implementing Text-to-911 county-wide. As we are moving through our p= rocesses we will continue to that conversations with the IAG as well and wo= rking with the necessary staff in the PSAPs. At this time we have three qu= estions that we would like you to respond to by August 1.

  1. The current plan is to implement a web based system that will be i= nstalled on a laptop. These laptops will be bought and provisioned by the P= rogram Office. We recommend that the large PSAPs have at least 5, and the s= mall PSAPs have at least 2. If you choose to start with the minimum number= we can add laptops as needed, or you may choose to have one laptop per cal= l taking station.

How many laptops would your center like to have?

  1. Do you have available house jacks at each of your call taking stat= ions?

  2. Do you have available power outlets at each of your call taking st= ations?

Kayreen Lum, Program Manager III

King County E-911 Program Office

phone: 206-296-3908 fax: 206-296-3909