Over the scanner I heard throughout the day about an undercover operation going on. When I realized that it was going to continue around 8PM I got on the bus and headed right into the action.

  1. 51:25 undercover officer on roller blades buying drugs. Right after that suspect is arrested by bike officers. One of the bike officers reunites with a man he helped save a few years ago by applying a tourniquet after the man had been shot.
  2. 2:03:00 Traffic stop by officer 7726 Jared Levitt. Another person starting filming. That person was very unhappy with the police.

The rest of the video is messed up. It got flipped. I thought I had unflipped it using FFMPEG. After viewing on Youtube there’s only gray frames but audio is still there. I should never have flipped video again as I turned off auto orientation on the GoPro.