The Real Cops of Seattle is an unedited unauthorized documentary series aiming to film as much of what Seattle Police Officers are doing as possible. The idea is I put on a GoPro helmet and then bike/bus to downtown Seattle and try to find as many officers as possible.

The bike I use was repaired just a few days before filming of the Real Cops of Seattle began. I brought a used bike I had never rode before to a protest. Bike officer 6942 Ian Stuart immediately offered to help repair it. He fixed it the best he could without tools. I was having trouble during the protest pumping up the tires and he came over and pumped them up. The recommendation to wear safety glasses came from 7556 Matthew Newsome. Stuart, Newsome, and their co-workers gave me riding tips during the protest.

In this first episode I filmed the arrest of a teenaged skateboarder accused of assualting a police officer. The rest of police stuff filmed was officers responding to a threats call and officers trying to find a man setting recycling bins on fire.

The following night was much more interesting, which will be episode two. I found the bike cops and was able to tag along with them as they dealth with intoxicated man and then got a call from detectives to arrest a man accused of selling drugs.

If you have ideas for how to improve this idea around continous unedited filming of the police please let me know.

Key timestamps: 00:00 intro to documentary series 01:05:00 Arrest of teenaged skateboarder 01:53:00 Threats call 04:27:00 Officers looking for man setting stuff on fire. I needed to catch last bus home so didn’t stick around.