Brett Hamil made one claim in the beginning of his article, Response to Lisa Herbold’s Email on #BlockTheBunker, that we did a little digging on, particularly, whether or not Seattle City Council Members were out on social media blocking people in lieu of their particular policy stances. To do this we did a public records request for the list of blocked users for each Seattle City Council Member Twitter and Facebook accounts. Thus far, we have only received info on two council members with a promise that the rest will be coming quickly due to the simplicity of the request. Unfortunately the two council member’s that we received info thus far were not the two member’s mentioned in Brett’s article (Juarez and Gonzalez). We do have evidence that Councilmembers Herbold and Johnson have collectively only blocked one individual: Councilmember Johnson blocked Ngan Posada on Facebook. We will update this page if/when we get info on everyone else in the council.

Hello Mr. Clemans,

We received your records request on August 19, 2016 via email.  Per RCW 42.56 we are responding.

You requested the lists of blocked users on Facebook and Twitter pages for each councilmember.  (please see your request below)  I have attached screen grabs for Councilmembers Herbold and Johnson.

This is a pretty easy task so we will have the rest to you quickly, no later than next Friday, September 2, 2016.  I hope to have them for you sooner.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.  My number is below.  Otherwise, enjoy your weekend.

Best regards,


Matthew C. Jaeger
Public Disclosure Officer, Legislative Department
(206) 684-8159

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This is a PDR for the list of blocked people on each council member's Twitter and Facebook accounts to be emailed to me.

For Facebook locate the list at
For Twitter locate the list at

The purpose of this PDR is to fact check "I’ve heard that other CMs (Juarez and Gonzalez) are blocking people on Facebook for even mentioning it." in

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