News: The Seattle Police Officers Guild took down its website in May, according to King5: Court temporarily blocks release of SPD officer photos. Now it has taken down its Facebook and Twitter accounts likely because of blacklash over a Facebook post that had “The hatred of law enforcement by a minority movement is disgusting. … #weshallovercome” in it, see Seattle Times: Seattle police union says ‘minority movement’ Facebook post about Dallas taken out of context

Incomplete archives of SPOG’s former accounts: Facebook and Twitter

Records request: Does SPOG really think that by deleting its Twitter we the public won’t find out what its President thinks? See a Twitter conversation between me and @washingtoncog

My records request: “This is a public records request for all records created by Ron Smith regardless of form/location/owner including phone logs from the phones, emails with meta-data, text messages, word documents, etc, since 7/1/2016 related to his role as union president. It does not matter where these records are located. He created them thus they are public records. I think because SPD pays Ron to be union president that the Cedar Groove case comes into play.

Now that SPOG has no social media presence filing PDRs is the only way to obtained his uncensored opinions.”

Opinion: I think Seattle Police Officers Guild should get back online so that it can repair its image. I was at Thursday’s protest. The officers there that I spoke with were extremely understanding of why people were protesting. I have a hard time believing SPOG’s Facebook post represents all these officers’ view. I think SPOG should ask Bill Schrier, a former officer from a different department and now interim Chief Information Officer for SPD, to run its accounts. Bill tweeted and blogged some really good stuff: