News: Per Dallas Police kept a tweet online for 17 hours asking that the public look for a misidentified suspect. The Mashable article says “His brother Cory Hughes, a protest organiser, told KTVT that Mark was getting death threats as a result of the misidentification.” Dallas Police initially refused to remove the tweet after determining he was not a suspect. After a lot of public discussion about the tweet they removed it. One reason for deleting a tweet like this is that it removes re-tweets. It’s likely a lot of people will see re-tweets who don’t see a correction tweet.

I asked Seattle Police about their Twitter policy. Public affairs director Sean Whitcomb said over the phone that the department consistently corrects any mistakes with follow up posts. Unfortunately I changed the topic instead of giving him an opportunity to respond to the concern about re-tweets. I will be sending him an email asking for a response to this post to post below.

Opinion: I think Seattle Police should archive @seattlepd tweets to , remove tweets with bad info from Twitter, keep doing correction tweets, and not delete tweets from the public archive. This addresses the implied need to not hide errors while helping to stop the spread of bad info.